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Kitchen and bath design and remodeling center, Custom Pro Home Improvement is a leading New York Kitchen and Bath Remodeler, Since 1999. Kitchen Cabinets are a must in each and every home, as they cover in all their storage needs. So, the need for a well-crafted, attractive, functional, comfortable as well as effective cabinet is a must for every house owner. Kitchen Cabinets White Plains designs and creates custom cabinets for every customer needs that reflects their taste and also offer a great value for their money.

Kitchen remodeling is one of the best way to enhance your property value. Kitchen remodel becomes a necessity in some cases, because a poor or shabby kitchen design drastically affects its livability factor and overall prospects, and can reflect the house badly.

Kitchen remodeling contractors White Plains New York are experts who understand your needs and renovate your kitchen accordingly. They have adequate knowledge in the latest trends which helps them to keep you informed about the proper appliances and the right placement of the same in your kitchen. Their professional expertise helps to make your kitchen fully utilized and also gets you the extra storage space needed in your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the first things that will be noticed while entering a kitchen, which makes it important to select a company that provide wide range of cabinet designs. Kitchen Cabinets White Plains offers classic and elegant to modern contemporary feel cabinets to its customers. While designing new or remodeling kitchen cabinets, the first step would be to select a style that best compliments to the existing design or new design.

Kitchen renovations White Plains offer varied styles of cabinets which range from flush doors and drawer faces to recessed panel doors and overlapping drawer faces. They also offer free consultation that helps users to select the right kitchen cabinets, accessories, hardware and countertops.

Kitchen countertops are the most widely used surface in the house. Since, they are the centerpiece; they should look good, elegant and harmonize with other kitchen surfaces like the kitchen cabinets, flooring, and other kitchen appliances. The extensive selection from kitchen countertops White Plains such as granite, quartz, solid surface and laminate from top manufacturers not only provides a quality kitchen counter to its customers but also makes a visual statement about their home. Granite countertops White Plains is one of the hardest materials used that adds beauty to your kitchen and are highly durable. In addition, the professional guidance given by the kitchen cabinet company makes the complicated, time consuming chore of deciding the best counter tops much easier.

Affordable Kitchen Cabinets White Plains NY

Bathroom renovation White Plains helps to design, plan, build, deliver, and install a new bathroom for its customers. Its services include new bathroom design or redesign, bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanities, new or upgrading existing shower system, hardware selection as well as accessories. Bathroom remodeling contractors design or redesign bathrooms keeping in mind the priorities like the theme or decor style, need for storage space, budget constraints, and above all, the ‘wow’ factor. Bathroom cabinet is the focal point of any bathroom. They are not only used for aesthetic purposes, but also serve the purpose of storage. With the growing range of contemporary, modern, and traditional bathroom cabinet designs, we use every available inch of your allotted space and create a perfect cabinet for your as well as your family’s storage needs. Bathroom vanities are the centerpiece of any bathroom which comes in many different styles, colors, designs, and textures that will transform the bathroom and add value to the house making the time spend on the bathroom more enjoyable.


Custom Pro Home Improvement is well known for their cabinetry, countertops, bath accessories, hardware, lighting and shower system. Their knowledgeable, experienced and professional kitchen and bath designers, countertop experts, and installers, not only meet customer needs and requirements but also exceed their expectations which brings life to different parts of the house. Choosing Custom Pro Home Improvement provides plenty of options to choose from, which includes storage and space saving solutions, and an expert team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable professionals that gives insight and creativity to help in the selection and design of new or remodeling existing bath or kitchen.

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